The Used Kitchen Company heralded as ‘green hero’

The Used Kitchen Company has announced that it has been awarded ‘Hero Brand’ status by MyGreenPod magazine.

The used and ex-display kitchen company is already showcased as a ‘hero brand’ on, but has now become an exclusive partner brand for the ethical lifestyle magazine.

It’s not the first time The Used Kitchen Company has been awarded ‘hero’ status. Back in October 2017, it was awarded ‘Kevin’s Green Hero’ status by Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud for its efforts in helping eco-friendly homeowners achieve or maintain sustainable lifestyles.

Looeeze Grossman (pictured), founder and chief executive of The Used Kitchen Company, said: “I am immensely proud of the concept I have driven for nearly 14 years.  Seeing homeowners own their dream kitchen, at a fraction of its original price, has been truly rewarding.

“Knowing The Used Kitchen Company has been a major influencer, helping to significantly reduce the unnecessary waste sent to landfill, is another huge buzz for the team and one that keeps us motivated and determined to bring more homeowners into our kitchen recycling family. Our five-year mission is to have everyone view recycling a kitchen in as natural a way as recycling their plastic.”

Grossman created the kitchen recycling concept in back in 2005 when landfill legislation was first introduced.

The company said it is keen to encourage more KBB showrooms to dispose of their old displays through TUKC and added that it has seen enquiries double this year.

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