Quooker switches over to electric vehicles

Hot tap specialist Quooker is underlining its commitment to the environment with a new initiative to replace all of its current petrol vehicles with electric models.

The process has already begun and Quooker will replace all of its business development managers’ cars within the next few weeks. It plans for the remainder of the company fleet to go fully electric by the end of the year.

The first batch of cars to be introduced will be from Tesla, as the company said it feels that it shares that brand’s values of innovation and sustainability.

The company said that it will then evaluate and decide on which makes of electric cars it may buy for the next replacement batch.

Commenting on the move, Stephen Johnson, managing director of Quooker UK, said: “The environmental benefits of Quooker are well known. It saves water, energy, time and, thanks to our new Cube system, means you no longer need to buy plastic bottled water – an added bonus for the environment.

“So with innovation and sustainability at the heart of all that we do, the move away from petrol to electric vehicles fits with our brand values and is a logical next step for us as a company. We hope and urge other companies to follow and do the same.”

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