Episode 04 – With a little help from my trends

We’re looking at trends this week, specifically at how trends influence the consumer and what role the design expert needs to take in curating the sheer volume of choice they faces when they do a new kitchen or bathroom.

Joining Kitchen Bedrooms & Bathrooms editor Lindsay Blair is designer Hayley Robson from DayTrue and Marianne Shillingford, the creative director of Dulux.

In a really interesting and wide-ranging chat they talk about:

  • Distilling consumer expectations into realistic projects
  • The importance of expertise
  • Personalisation
  • Consumer value in sustainable products
  • How they name paint colours
  • Why tiles are so important

All that and a bathroom where hieroglyphics spell out the words ‘have a hot bath ducky’ and chair made from offal. Only on the Kitchen & Bathroom Design Podcast.

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Listen to episode four below:

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