Episode 05 – Little Grey Cells

This episode is a really fascinating interview with the kitchen design icon that is Johnny Grey.

Even after 40 years or so of designing kitchens he is as enthusiastic about advancing the art as ever and continues to push both manufacturers and other designers to consider influences way beyond the furniture.

For him, it’s about thinking much more about wider societal trends and how the human brain computes the space it’s in.

One of his major passions at the moment is the Kitchen Design degree course at Bucks University where he is Visiting Professor of Design and Kitchen Culture and that’s where Managing editor Andy Davies met up with him during a residential weekend for current students on that course.

In a wide ranging interview we discuss:

  • How did he get started in design?
  • What is the origin of his signature style?
  • What is his design process with clients?
  • When does he charge a fee?
  • What are the trends that influence him?
  • Why is education so important?

And in the first 20 seconds you learn that he was conceived in a gypsy caravan – we promise it gets much more designery after that….

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Listen to episode five below:

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