Smallbone parent invests to reduce its carbon footprint

Lux Group Holdings, parent company of Smallbone of Devizes, Mark Wilkinson Furniture, McCarron and Co and Brookmans by Smallbone, has begun a major carbon footprint reduction programme.

Measures include solar panels to produce electricity, recycling various timbers and the purchase of new equipment that Lux Group says will reduce the production of waste by as much as 20% by optimising timber usage.

As part of the programme, the company has already upgraded to LED lighting to reduce energy usage and improve working conditions. New air compressors are also said to provide a quieter and more sustainable working environment.

The group has also looked at its vehicle fleet, producing more efficient logistics plans to minimise journeys and choosing vehicles with a low carbon footprint. Workshop forklifts have been upgraded to zero-emissions, battery-powered models.

The company has spent £1 million on upgrades to its production facility, with the latest energy-efficient woodworking equipment that is said to reduce the carbon footprint of its furniture manufacturing by 30%.

And rather than just throwing timber offcuts into skips as waste, the company is using them to produce accessories, such as chopping boards, while other timber waste is upcycled and sold.

Lux Group is also looking at offering smaller, start-up workshops offcuts for repurposing and the manufacture of artisan pieces.

A spokesman for Lux Group Holdings said: “We are proud to join the eco-friendly community and do our best in carbon footprint reduction efforts.”

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