Focus on greener distribution set to continue

While climate change remains a hot topic, new research from AMA Research highlighted that greener distribution in the KBB sector will be driven largely by environmental concerns as well as the cost of fuel.

With the Government committing to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2025 and by 80% by 2050, the report said that one of the ways distributors can focus on this may involve maximising load capacity as well as developing more cost-efficient delivery routes.

AMA Research’s Kitchen and Bathroom distributors report not only focuses on greener distribution, but also the overall kitchen and bathroom distributor market size, analysis of key sectors within the supply chain and overview of key players.

The report also highlights the mix of products in the kitchen and bathroom industry and key market trends in each sector, as well as the main suppliers and distribution channels to the market.

Eco and green kitchen trends – including aesthetics and decor – are proving popular, the report said, as consumer become more environmentally aware. This also applies to functionality when combined with the growing number of smart appliances that are now available.

Consequently, a greener approach needs to be adopted from product selection for distributors to delivery to retailers and customers, the report stated.

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