Episode 17 – Designing a spa-like bathroom

This week we’re looking at how to design spa-like bathrooms.

Bathrooms are so often described as being a sanctuary, a haven and a place to relax, and this catch-all phrase of ‘spa-like’ seems to come up all the time in client briefs.

But what does it really mean? How do you as designers give the client what they want? And how do you transform a day-to-day family bathroom into this spa-like experience and back again?

And what is a ‘Netflix Shelf’?

We met up with a couple of fantastic designers recently to talk all this through – Kia Stanford (kiadesigns.co.uk) and Sam Watkins McRae (samwatkinsmcrae.co.uk), who both have eponymous design studios here in London.

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Listen to episode seventeen below:

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