Imex sponsors new category at kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2020

Imex, part of the Pura Bathrooms Group, is sponsoring the Bathroom Supplier Rep category at kbbreview Retail & Design Awards, which is a new category for 2020.

We ask Hedley Bennett, Imex general manager, what decided them to join the ranks of our awards sponsors this year with this brand new category.


Q: Why do you think are the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards are so important to the KBB industry?

A: I believe the awards are very important to the industry as it’s a time to recognise and appreciate, not only the winners and nominees, but the industry as a whole. The year goes by very quickly and having the opportunity for individuals to network and manufacturers to promote themselves is vitally important.


Q: What was the thinking behind Imex’s decision to sponsor the Bathroom Supplier Rep award?

A: Imex is sponsoring the Bathroom Supplier Rep award as we put a huge amount of importance on the customer service levels that representatives can provide customers. From our own point of view, the relationships between our customers and our representatives are ones that are built on mutual respect and trust and form the cornerstone of our customer trading relationships.


Q: What would you say makes an award-winning supplier rep and why are reps so important to the KBB industry?

A: An award-winning representative should be someone that covers all areas of their customer relationships. It is about doing everything that you say you’re going to do and providing support across all levels of a customer business through the good times and the bad.


Q: In what ways does Pura Bathrooms Group support and work with bathroom retailers?

A: PBG supports and works with bathroom retailers by providing, hopefully, a complete support level across all aspects of the trading relationship. Hitting a consistent great overall service, built around fantastic product quality and backed up by great customer service, is at the forefront of PBG supporting its bathroom retail partners.


Q: How would you describe the role that kbbreview plays in the KBB industry?

A: kbbreview is wholly important to the KBB industry We have worked with the kbbreview team over the past 10 to 15 years. Communication and visibility of topics such as UK industry news – whether this be based around manufacturing, the state of merchanting and retailing currently, changes to applicable industry technology and product innovation and developments – is hugely vital and relevant to the continued success of our industry.

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