Kitchen & Bathroom Design Podcast Live at kbb Birmingham

The Kitchen & Bathroom Design Podcast is recording episodes live at kbb 2020 and visitors can come along to watch and listen. Here’s all the detail you need to know…

launched back in October, the Kitchen & Bathroom Design podcast has become the must-listen show for anyone interested in design. Coming from the home of kbbreview, Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms and Studio magazines and supported by kbb Birmingham

2020 it also carries all the right credentials too.

So far we’ve had interviews with top designers like Charlie Smallbone and Marcel Wanders as well as in-depth discussions on subjects like lighting, compact spaces, open plan and even biophilic design. There are also episodes featuring the editors of all three magazines – Rebecca Nottingham, Lindsay Blair and Elspeth Pridham, as well as Taylist managing editor Andrew Davies.

“We’re loving doing the podcast, it’s such a fantastic medium for really getting under the skin of designers and understanding how they work.” says Davies. “At kbb 2020 we’ll be recording live episodes every day at 2pm in the Central Bar and we’d love everyone to come along and watch, listen and maybe even join in.”

To catch-up on all the episodes of the podcast so far go to or search ‘kitchen and bathroom design’ wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any of our show episodes.



What is ‘The Wow Factor’ anyway?

2pm, Central Bar C90

Many consumers want their new kitchens and bathrooms to have ‘The Wow Factor’ but what exactly is it? Do clients simply know it when they see it and can the best designers simply apply it instinctively? The full set of editors will attempt to define it and maybe, just maybe, come up with a way of measuring it. Although there’s equally a good chance they probably won’t…

Host – Andrew Davies, managing editor of Taylist Media

Guests  – Lindsay Blair, editor of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms, Rebecca Nottingham, editor of kbbreview, and Elspeth Pridham, editor of Studio



Charging for design

2pm, Central Bar C90

In a recent kbbreview survey, 80% of independent kitchen and bathroom retailers said they didn’t charge for their design work. Why is this still the case and is there anything that can be done about it? Are designers undervaluing their skills or is it simply too big a barrier for potential customers?

Host – Elspeth Pridham, editor, Studio

Guests – Hayley Robson, owner of Day True, Diane Berry, owner of Diane Berry Kitchens, and Richard Hibbert, owner of KSL Sudbury



The Smart Home

2pm, Central Bar C90

The Smart Home – the idea of controlling the technology in your home from one central point – is becoming mainstream. All major appliance manufacturers see this as the future but what does it mean for designers? Does it represent new avenues for imagination and vision? Or is it simply a distraction that will divert budget away from the areas that give them the most creative outlet?

Host – Andrew Davies, managing editor of Taylist Media

Guests – James Kington, Group Manager, Connected Home & Digital Operations of BSH Home Appliances, and Stephen Dick, owner of Residence Interior Design



Managing the client

2pm, Central Bar C90

Do the best designs come when there’s full collaboration between designer and client? How do you manage that relationship to everyone’s advantage and make sure that expectations are met and exceeded? And when do you say ‘no’ to clients who think they’re an expert in interior design thanks to Pinterest and Instagram…

Host – Rebecca Nottingham, editor of kbbreview

Guests – Tom Setchell, MD of Rugby Fitted Kitchens, Tom Plant, showroom manager of Porcelanosa Solihull, and Lindsay Blair, editor of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms


Listen to all the podcast now at and subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts. We hope to see you at the live recording!

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