kbb Birmingham 2020: Kitchen made for Millennials launched

Kitchen designer Rob Mascari and students from Bucks New University unveiled a kitchen specifically designed for the millennial generation at kbb Birmingham 2020.

The Ecomo kitchen was created after nine months of research on millennial living requirements by students on the Foundation Kitchen Design degree course at Bucks New University. The research found that more millennials freelance or work from home, so a kitchen needs to be functional, compact and adaptable. With rental spaces most likely to be smaller for millennials, Ecomo has been designed fit into almost any kitchen space.

Furthermore, there are practical and financial benefits that might interest developers. Ecomo helps in reducing spatial footprint and increases longevity of materials. Also, the research shows that millennials are prepared to pay more for a higher specification. Mascari said: “If we look at studio living and how new build apartments are restricted on size, we thought if we can compact everything then a developer can maximise profits by reducing the square footage of the apartment We can do this without sacrificing amenities.”

Sustainability is high on the millennial agenda and all wood used in the Ecomo kitchen is FSC or PEFC certified. Mascari believes this more than satisfies the ‘green’ requirement: “The key element isn’t just about planting more trees. If the material is going to last much longer and be more durable, then you can half the carbon footprint, especially when you consider transportation, manufacturing, and all those other elements.”

There is also an Ecomo app that can suggest ways to minimise waste and advise users what to do with leftover food – another criterion that millennials feel is important.

Mascari teaches on the Kitchen Design Degree course and decided to work with his students after he was approached by kbb Birmingham to design a kitchen for the show.

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