kbbreview launches new podcast

Kbbreview has launched a new podcast specifically looking at how the kbb sector is dealing with the coronavirus situation.

In almost daily episodes, Taylist Media managing editor Andrew Davies is talking to retailers and suppliers about what their plans are, how they’re coping, what positive moves they’re making to keep cash flowing and what they’re learning about their business.

“There is such a tangible feeling of all being in this together as we face this emergency, “ Davies said. “And it’s more important than ever to keep talking, keep sharing ideas and keep being positive about what will come out the other side.

“Podcasts are the perfect medium for this, talking things through and hearing other people trying to deal with the same problems you are.”

A podcast is an audio show that you can download onto your phone or listen through your computer.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss episodes is to use apps such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify on your phone or tablet. Simply search ‘kbbreview’ within those apps to find it.

Alternatively, go to kbbrpod.kbbreview.com to listen on your desktop.

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