Electrolux reveals For the Better initiative

Electrolux has presented its For the Better initiative as part of its 2015 Sustainability Report.

The initiative features nine promises to make a positive change in its solutions, operations and for society, with it making “sustainability an even more integral part of doing business at Electrolux”.

According to the group, For the Better sets the agenda for 2020 and beyond and consists of three key areas – better solutions, better operations and better society.

“Better solutions – because use of products has the biggest environmental impact.” Areas include, constantly improving product performance and efficiency and making better use of resources and eliminate harmful materials.

“Better operations – because Electrolux should set the standard for employees and partners.” Which includes, ensuring the best health and safety, achieving more with less and always acting ethically and respecting human rights.

“Better society – because caring for communities and the planet is also good for business.” Key areas being, providing sustainable solutions for everyone, being a force for good and improving sustainability in the supply chain.

“In the past year, we’ve moved from aligning sustainability with our business strategy to making it a core part of how we run our business,” said Jonas Samuelson, president and chief executive of Electrolux. “I will be asking the organisation to report progress on each of our nine promises, to make sure we’re moving at a good pace.”

Electrolux’s sustainability target is to reduce its climate impact by lowering CO2 emissions by 50% between 2005 and 2020. In 2015, it reached the 27% mark.

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