Episode 10 – Day True and KBB Leads

This is episode 10 of the kbbreview Podcast looking at how the kitchen and bathroom market is coping with the coronavirus situation.

A couple of great guests again today, we’ve got Tony Robson from Day True down here in London. A really forward thinking retailer and, in particular, he’s very strong on building a brand so we’ll hear what he’s got planned during the lockdown.

And we’re going to talk marketing again, this time with Jamie Wilson from KBB Leads – they’re an agency that specialises in, among other things, social media and driving traffic to your all important website,

As always, we really want to know how you’re doing and what you’re up to? What are you spending your time doing to prepare your business for the other side of this thing?

You can find host Andrew Davies on LinkedIn or email him at [email protected].

You can find Tony Robson on LinkedIn and find out about more about Day True at https://www.daytrue.com/

You can find Jamie Wilson on LinkedIn and find out more about KBB Leads at https://www.kbbleads.com/

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