Compusoft launches free online planner

CAD software specialist Compusoft has launched a free version of its online planner – Design@Web – to all current customers to help them continue to generate new business. The planner allows consumers to plan their own kitchen or bathroom and send their designs to retailers.

The  company says  several hundred requests for the free planner were received in the first few days since the offer was announced.

Managing director Alex Ainge, said: “We’re really pleased that we have been able to create something that can help our customers right now for free. Providing customers with a complete online journey is essential during this period and this offer of a free online planner in Design@Web completes that for our customers.

“Now our retailers have a way to generate new enquiries from customers; turn these plans into professional designs and then provide a VR experience that can be shared online through Showcase 360 – also available for free to customers during this time.”

The online planner – Design@Web – gives consumers a tool to design their own kitchen or bathroom, sharing the key details with retailers to generate new enquiries. It can be embedded on a retailer’s website and in social media channels to connect with new customers, as well provide a remote way to receive accurate room measurements.

“With many consumers having more time at home and re-thinking their own kitchens and bathrooms, this provides a great way for them to explore their own designs and generate new leads for retailers,” Ainge said. “We notice that many retailers are receiving a huge number of requests for designs that could be from tyre-kickers. This gives another tool to filter through those that are serious and focus on those as new business.”

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