Lockdown Special design contest deadline TODAY

Today (Thursday, May 7) at 5pm is the deadline for the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2020: Lockdown Special, the concept design contest devised especially for stuck-at-home designers.

The one-off competition is free to enter and open to anyone. The winners will receive an official trophy identical to those given out at the full ceremony held back at the start of March.

There is also an amazing pool of top prizes donated by suppliers and brands.

The contest, which was started as a casual suggestion by managing editor Andrew Davies has now seen well over 600 people download the extensive design brief.

The brief sees a family of four looking for a new kitchen, master en-suite and kids’ bathroom for their converted lighthouse. There is also a treehouse in the garden that needs a kitchen and living space.

The contest has two categories, one for Concept Design of the Year and another for Under-16s Concept Design of the Year.

So stuck-at-home kids can have a go too and there are fantastic prizes just for them.

The design judges from the 2020 awards have all signed up to judge these new categories too

“The final countdown to the deadline has begun,” said kbbreview managing editor Andrew Davies. “Who’d have thought that something that started out as a bit of fun would become such a big thing, with hundreds of people entering so many genuinely creative and imaginative designs.

“I can’t wait to get stuck into judging!”

To download the brief – which includes all instructions on how to enter – go to kbbreview.com/awards.

The closing date is Thursday, May 7th  at 5pm.

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