Blanco UK ramps up for showroom openings

Blanco UK has welcomed the news that kitchen and bathroom showrooms in England are allowed to open.

The move comes after kbbreview revealed last week that Wren had received official permission to reopen from Trading Standards – effectively giving the green light to all kitchen and bathroom retailers to do the same.

Blanco is a corporate member of the KBSA and the organisation has also advised retailers that it is lawful to reopen.

The company has communicated the positive message to all customers and suppliers with the assurance that the organisation is fully operational. It has functioned at optimal levels throughout the restrictions and, it says, ‘is here for any businesses that choose to reopen”.

Although customer collections from the warehouse are suspended for obvious safety reasons, all other functions, including national delivery services, are continuing.

The core national sales team is working from home and can be directly contacted. The after-sales and spare parts departments of the business are also working.

Blanco also said that its showroom in St Albans is undergoing a refurbishment and will be open by July, in adherence to UK Government guidelines.

John Robinson, Blanco UK’s marketing manager (pictured) said: “Blanco is as solid as ever thanks to a hardworking team that has adapted to the changing circumstances, an excellent supply chain, fully stocked warehouse and dedicated distribution team.

“Where many of our competitors decided to shut up shop back in March and April, for whatever reason, our efforts went into service continuity and supporting those customers that needed us. Over the years, strong face-to-face relationships have been built between Blanco and our customers. Although currently via phone and video call, direct communication has continued throughout these challenging times. Essentially, all bases have been covered so that Blanco can carry on doing what Blanco does best!”

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