Aga and Daval return to work

As lockdown restrictions are eased, the kbb sector continues to reopen with furniture manufacturer Daval and appliance and sink giant Aga Rangemaster the latest to announce their return to work.

As always, both companies are stressing that all social distancing measures have been put in places to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Aga Rangemaster will re-open its manufacturing facilities on a small scale in Leamington Spa, Long Eaton and Telford from Monday June 1.

“The process of resuming production on a small scale at the sites has begun and Aga Rangemaster continues to monitor the advice from the Government,” the company said. “Through careful and mindful planning, Aga Rangemaster has remained open for business, to support its customers, and fulfil all orders with the warehouses fully stocked across the product range. June 1 will be a major step forward and allow the business to start returning to a sense of normality.”

Daval returned to service and routine production on May 18 with a third of the furloughed staff able to resume work

“The devastation felt worldwide is undeniable and if anything, the pandemic has taught us to take care of what matters most: our health and wellbeing,” said managing director Simon Bodsworth.

“Without good practises in place, our broken economy will face further disruption, delay retail opportunities and staff member’s ability to return to work. We need to pull together and work on getting our confidence back, both personally and professionally, which is why with effective-change safe working environments that protect our staff, start to service customers again and manage financial risk are imperative.”

Bodsworth said that he has used the lockdown period to proactively seek new ways of doing business and talking to customers.

“Surprisingly, the deceleration of business during lockdown actually afforded me some free time to be proactive and remotely communicate with new and existing companies and professionals,” he said. “With the introduction of twice-weekly Zoom meetings over the last two months, we’ve been able to continue speaking with our customers and educate them on all areas of the business, like brand heritage, company history, product training and industry trends.

“On average, each session attracted 60 participants and led to some really refreshing and frank discussion from all channels in the kbb sector: consumer, retailer, distributor and manufacturer.”

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