Plumbers help in drive for water efficiency

Plumbers in the UK are helping homes and businesses save water and reduce their energy bills, according to new research.

A survey carried out by WaterSafe, the national accreditation scheme for plumbers in the UK, found that nearly all (98%) plumbers thought it was part of good plumber’s job to provide advice on water efficiency. A further 92% said they regularly talked about water-saving products with customers.

One respondent said: “It shows a plumber cares about the industry rather than just making money. It’s professional to know about water efficiency.”

Plumbers also said that customers were often unaware that they were using more water than they needed and didn’t realise that by using less hot water they could also save on energy bills.

WaterSafe director Julie Spinks said: “WaterSafe plumbers are all fully qualified and trusted to work safely with drinking water in homes and businesses, but they are also offering customers additional free advice that can help them save water, save energy and save money.

“It’s inspiring to hear that plumbers are motivated to give the best possible service to customers on all aspects of their water supply and also care about protecting water sources and the environment in which they live and work.”

The Water Label, which was introduced in 2014, has also helped plumbers identify water-efficient products more easily, with a ‘traffic light’ rating showing how much water they use. Three-quarters of plumbers said they would promote the label to customers.

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