Indesit changes logo to reflect times

Indesit has adapted its logo to acknowledge company-wide efforts to support employees, consumers and the community during the covid-19 upheaval.

It has added the tagline ‘Social Distancing: Do It Together’, aimed at broadening awareness around the importance of social distancing and to “express the brand’s solidarity with those affected by the crisis”, the company said.

As well as activities to support employees and their families, the company reached out to community organisations through social media to offer support to those in need of refrigeration or laundry appliances.

Indesit is also offering a discount to NHS employees and key workers on a range of appliances as part of its partnership with Blue Light Card and Health Service Discounts.

Sara Bazeley, brand manager at Indesit, said: “We embrace our responsibility to take care of our consumers, colleagues and the community, as we all navigate through this ‘new normal’ together. As part of our ongoing support with community efforts, we have redesigned the Indesit logo to amplify public health and safety guidance around social distancing, and to express our commitment and solidarity to everyone affected by this crisis.

“Despite how difficult this period has been for us all, it has also brought forth exemplary acts of humanity, and we would like to pay tribute to the healthcare professionals and essential services working to keep us safe. Even with the challenges of physical distance, we have seen both individuals and communities uniting together to support each other, and I am very proud to see the wonderful examples of our employees in the UK, and around the world, helping people in need.”

To nominate an organisation that is in need of refrigeration or laundry appliances, consumers can get in touch with the brand via its social media channels at @IndesitUK.

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