kbbreview Save Our Skills campaign – Q&A for job seekers

kbbreview has launched the ‘Save Our Skills’ campaign.

If you have recently been made redundant and would like to be included on our kbbreview Save Our Skills weekly email, please read this Q&A to find out what to do.


Q: What is the kbbreview Save Our Skills campaign?

A: It’s inevitable that the coronavirus situation will lead to many redundancies within the kbb sector. We believe it’s vital that we try and keep as much of the skills and experience these people possess within the industry if at all possible. You can read a bit more about it here.

Q: What are you practically doing?

A: Every Monday, we will send an e-mail to the entire kbbreview database listing people who have been made redundant due to the downturn and are seeking new employment.

Q: Can I be featured on that email?

A: To qualify, you must have recently been made redundant from any position in the UK kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sector.

Q: What information do I need to send in?

A: Send 150 words max telling the industry about your experience, skills, expertise and knowledge. Please leave out the name of the company that has made you redundant. We’ll also need a head and shoulders photo of you and don’t forget to include the geographical area you’re looking in.

Q: Why are you leaving out the company that’s made me redundant?

A: The decision to make people redundant is a very difficult one and we don’t want the focus to be on the company that’s had to do it, we want it to be on you and your skills.

Q: When will I be on the email?

A: We’re going to limit the number of people per mail to seven, any more than that and it diminishes the attention those people will get. So there’s every possibility there might be a backlog and you won’t be featured on the first mailer after you submitted your details. We’ll feature people in the order they sent them in thought, so no one will jump the queue.

Q: How much is it?

A: Zero. It’s totally free. We’re here to help.

Q: Can  I see what other people have done?

A: You can see all our Save Our Skills candidates so far by going to our dedicated page here

Q: Where do I send it to?

A: Send everything to Andy at [email protected]. You can also contact him on LinkedIn

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