14 – Matthew Brown from Echochamber

This is episode 14 of the kbbreview Podcast.

This is episode 14, we hope you all had a great Easter break.

Great guest today to kick off the new week – Matthew Brown is from retail experience agency Echochamber.

We’ve talked a lot about the specifics of kitchen and bathroom retailing in these podcasts but Matthew is an expert in the wider retail sector and his insights and thoughts on what the coronavirus situation means for retail in general – and big ticket retail – is absolutely fascinating.

As always, we want to know how you’re doing? How are you coping? How are you spending your time constructively?

We’d love to hear from any of you who have really had positive engagement with new potential clients via your social media or any other digital channels. We’d really like to get you on the podcast to tell your story.

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You can find Matthew Brown on LinkedIn and find out about more about him at www.echochamber.com

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