Whirlpool pledges commitment to a sustainable future

Whirlpool Corporation, the parent company of KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Indesit has outlined its achievements and vision for a sustainable future.

In 2019, Whirlpool Corporation says it reached its best rate of emission and energy reductions in over a decade, mostly by investing in wind turbines and on-site solar panels. By 2030, it is working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its factories by 50%.

The company says it also has a goal to send zero waste to landfill at all manufacturing sites by 2022 and has introduced new systems and processes across the globe. For example, in the UK, re-usable coffee cups and stainless steel water bottles have been introduced, removing more than 158,000 single-use coffee cups and 56,000 plastic bottles from Whirlpool’s canteens.

According to its latest Sustainability Report, during 2019 Whirlpool Corporation over 96% of its waste was sent to sustainable recycling plants and of the 4% that didn’t 3.5% of its waste ended up in landfill and 0.5% was incinerated.

Eight of its manufacturing sites achieved zero waste to landfill

Ian Moverley, public affairs director for Whirlpool UK Appliances, said: “At Whirlpool, we believe that sustainability is vitally important and we are committed to improving our environmental efficiency, reducing waste and making positive changes that impact the planet in all areas of our business.

“Sustainability is a key issue that exists across all areas of the market, and at Whirlpool UK, we boast a portfolio consisting of highly efficient, functional and stylish appliances that are available at a variety of different price points. Our appliances allow consumers to save on their household bills, reduce their energy consumption and impact on the wider environment.”

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