Decology launches new online design platform

Decology, a new online interior design platform, has launched today in the UK offering an e-design service for consumers.

Keen to attract established or new designers, the new platform promises to match them with prospective clients. They can bid for work or be invited to take on a project.

Free to join, it provides a virtual studio and marketing support, including a press office. Designers can create a profile, upload a portfolio of work and increase exposure to a new audience.

The platform can also act as a springboard for new designers entering the market.

Decology also has its own portal of suppliers, meaning users can purchase suggested products directly through the platform. Designers can also earn a percentage of products sales from suggestions made to clients.

When asked if it plans to rival existing online platform Houzz, Decology founder Sharon Costi said: “Houzz Pro acts as an online directory and showcase for interior designers, whereas Decology offers a complete e-design service that is bespoke to each client. While designers that are listed on Houzz Pro can charge any price they wish, Decology offers consumers one simple-to-understand, low-cost, fixed-fee package.

“Houzz Pro also provides general design inspiration, similar to a magazine format, whereas Decology offers specific and bespoke design and styling advice to meet the needs of each individual consumer.

“While Houzz Pro makes it easier to find a designer, it does not change the economics of the industry, unlike Decology, which makes it more affordable for all.”

Costi added: “Decology opens up a huge untapped target market. Not only will the launch penetrate this latent market, but it aims to demystify the industry and make it more accessible to the consumer – this greater exposure will benefit designers across the board.

“Technology is the way forward. It is evolving all the time and the design industry needs to harness that progress to its advantage – Decology aims to do just that.”

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