Häfele supports KBB industry with Here to Help package

To support KBB retailers and manufacturers, Häfele UK has launched a dedicated package in response to feedback from customers who are concerned for the industry post-Covid-19.

The Here to Help programme aims to boost sales and enquiries and to deliver projects on time and within budget, regardless of the financial, operational and logistical challenges presented by the pandemic. It is available for new and existing Häfele customers.

Natalie Davenport, head of marketing at Häfele UK, said: “We know it’s a challenging time for many of our customers, who are having to navigate new ways of working with social distancing, health and safety rules, and in some cases fewer team members to support with the day-to-day work.”

“We’ve spent the past few months speaking to our KBB customers to see how we can support them, all while making changes to our own business to enable us to work effectively and safely, so that we’re here to support our customers getting back to a new normal. Whether businesses are looking for technical, specification or design support, we’re here as an extension of their team and can provide all of this and more.

“Ultimately, our aim with Häfele Here to Help, is to support our customers to secure projects and continue to grow their businesses. Whether we can help them refine their plans so that they meet their customers’ changing budgets, or find ways to improve the overall design and aesthetic of the project to maximise customer satisfaction, we’re here to help.”

The package includes price freezes on all products for the rest of 2020. There is 50% reduction to the order value to qualify for free delivery until the end of September, which drops it from £100 to £50, with next-day delivery available on orders placed by 3pm.

Häfele has brought together several existing added-value services to do with design, specification, order and installation, to make projects easier for retailers, showrooms and manufacturers. The technical team are available to assist in choosing the most suitable solution and product to meet the requirements of the project.

Other services include a lighting design service that provides technical support on how to add lighting to a project, and Häfele to Order, which is a bespoke manufacturing and packing service that allows customers to order products to their exact size and quantity, saving time on-site.

The Kitchen Planner on Häfele’s Ideas for Living consumer-facing website is also available as a way to help with the initial briefing between designer and customer. The tool allows customers to virtually design their design from their home.

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