Slippery when wet: Bathrooms are the most dangerous room to have sex in

The bathroom is the riskiest place to get it on, according to the results of a survey by professional cleaners, End of Tenancy Cleaning London.

A whopping 91% of people said they had sustained sex-related injuries in the bathroom.

This could be because, despite the slippery surfaces, the bathroom was also voted the third most popular room to canoodle in.

The kitchen came second with 86% of votes, however rooms that lead off the kitchen like a utility room or a larder had relatively small injury rates with 27% and 3% respectively.

And, get ready to wince, most injuries within the kitchen were caused by cooking equipment like cookers, knives and crockery.

The survey also found the most common injured parts of the body were found to be 72%, legs 61%, back 58%, hip 49% and arms 38% with no respondents reporting hand or finger injuries.

Unsurprisingly, the bedroom was the number one room to get intimate in, according to the survey. Possibly due to the rise in the trend for Netflix and Chill sessions, the living room came in second. The kitchen was fourth with 69%, the home office or study with 59%, the dining room with 52% and the utility room 36%.

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