2020 Fusion rolls out latest software design package

2020 Fusion has released its latest kitchen and bathroom design software with new features and functions to improve the daily experience of designers.

The 2020 Fusion v8 has improvements to background management, including import preview, image rotation, support of ‘panorama’ photos and more flexible brightness controls – all via a new panel added to the toolbar.

Jim Smalley, 2020 Fusion product manager, said: “2020 always aims to bring the most advanced, cutting-edge applications to our customers, giving them every advantage in efficiency, productivity and quality.

“Many of the enhancements in this release directly result from feedback received from 2020 customers, underlining the fact that their voices play an important role in the ongoing development of the 2020 Fusion software.”

The new 360-degree panorama tool links to any previously published panoramas. This will allow users to relaunch a panorama and send it via email. Users are now also able to choose the email recipients at the point of configuration.

In the ‘Recent’ section on the software, there is now a design preview that will make it faster and reopen existing designs.

The Info Block configuration tool now includes a live preview showing the results of any modifications made before having to confirm them, making it quicker for users to configure the Info Block with confidence.

Several time-saving enhancements have also been implemented in the areas of dimensioning and annotation. These include the ability to apply manual dimension rails from one parallel line to another, to generate multiple arrows from a single piece of manual annotation and the ability to configure default dimensioning settings for virtual walls.

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