KBSA and Quooker launch £250,000 support package for independent retailers

The KBSA and Quooker have teamed up to launch a £250,000 support package for kitchen retailers that aims to encourage consumers to use their local, high-street independent showroom.

The boiling water tap company is supporting the package with a consumer-facing marketing campaign, which includes the national press and niche homes magazine, as well as a digital and email strategy. These will run until the end of November.

The plans for this package started in April when KBSA national chair, Richard Hibbert, launched an appeal calling for manufacturers and suppliers to pledge their support to a ‘war chest’ to help fund an advertising campaign to promote independent retailers.

Stephen Johnson, managing director of Quooker, said: “The Covid crisis and resultant financial pressures have shaken independent businesses nationwide, forcing us through some of the toughest trading conditions this industry has ever had to face. Having grown up in the KBB industry, and as a long-standing supporter of the independent kitchen retail sector, I passionately believe we have a responsibility to support wherever possible.

“I knew I had to respond when I saw a post made by KBSA national chair Richard Hibbert, at the height of the Covid pandemic, calling on the industry to help the independent kitchen dealer network.”

Hibbert said: “This major package, which will benefit not only KBSA members, but a global audience of independent retailers, will reach a massive audience and provide a huge boost to business.

“We are immensely grateful to Quooker for kick-starting this initiative and hope that others will join them in coming forward, to work in partnership with us and support our campaign during these challenging times.

“This is the beginning of a long-term commitment by the KBSA to fulfil our aims of protecting, supporting and promoting independent showrooms, and the environment in which they operate. Working together, we know that can encourage people back to the high street and into independent showrooms across the country.”

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