U-turn: Installs CAN continue in Wales

The Welsh government has confirmed that it is reversing circuit break guidelines issued only yesterday and it WILL allow kitchen and bathroom installations to continue.

However, COVID risk assessments must be completed and formal Government guidance on working in other peoples homes observed.

The circuit break will take effect from 6pm on Friday October 23 and will last until Monday, November 9.

Damian Walters, CEO of the British Institute of KBB Installation said : “I’m delighted to confirm that common sense has prevailed within the Welsh Government and with some public pressure applied earlier today. Tradespeople will be able to continue delivering services into other people’s homes, in accordance with existing COVID-19 safe operating procedures.”

Go here for the full update BiKBBI guidelines.

Just yesterday, the circuit break announcement formally said that all non-emergency installations must cease, a decision one Welsh kbb retailer called ‘crazy’.

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