Save Our Skills – two-thirds of candidates in new roles

Two thirds of job seekers who have come through kbbreview’s Save Our Skills initiative have found new roles.

The campaign began back in the summer at the height of the first lockdown and a wave of redundancies hit the industry thanks to the economic impact of the coronavirus.

kbbreview decided that, as the kbb industry’s leading business title, it needed to do what it could to try and stop the industry losing the knowledge and experience of those being made redundant.

At its core is a regular email that showcases the skills and knowhow of the candidates taking part.

A series of dedicated Save Our Skills episodes of The kbbreview Podcast also continues, looking at hints, tips and advice for job seekers in the kbb industry.

“The kbbreview Save Our Skills campaign came from the first lockdown and it started as a very black and white response to what was happening,” said kbbreview editor Rebecca Nottingham. “But it has become so much more than that, it represents how the industry has looked after its own where it can during this unprecedented time.

“And to know that so many people now have new roles and a new start is so heartwarming so well done to everyone.”

The Save Our Skills scheme, which is sponsored by Quooker, has seen nearly 70 people involved in the scheme since its launch and, so far, two-thirds of them have secured new roles.

Chris Seymour, who started as a senior designer at InStil Design in Oxford, said: “The Save Our Skills campaign was, and still is, a fantastic initiative. I was employed as a direct result of it and couldn’t be happier.”

And Jim Watson also found a new role through the Save Our Skills showcase: “After being made redundant early March then going straight into lockdown, things didn’t look to positive for a, shall we say, mature sales manager but with all credit to this fantastic initiative I have accepted a senior role with Avanti Kitchens running their Scottish operation. This came directly from Save Our Skills so keep the faith everyone.”.

Not all Save Our skills candidates have found new roles directly through the campaign, but many have said that it gave them confidence and hope during a very difficult time.

Shaun Payne said: “I’m about to start a new role and, though it’s not come directly through the kbbreview Save Our Skills campaign, I cannot thank you enough for your support. It gave me back the feeling that I was not alone and had not been simply cast adrift by the industry that I love.

“Knowing that someone could see the years of experience that was being lost gave me hope and the will to continue trying to stay within kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.”

To find out more about the Save Our Skills campaign, including how you can be featured if you’re job hunting, click here.

To hear the latest Save Our Skills episode of The kbbreview Podcast use the player below or search ‘kbbreview’ in your podcast app of choice.

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