We’ve all had to adapt much faster

Martin Carroll, managing director of Duravit UK, on the need for rapid change, his confidence for the year ahead and some key trends for the future

During 2020, we all had to adapt and change and do this much faster than we would have done under less stressful circumstances.

One of the key elements to surviving in a tough environment is flexibility and being able to adapt your business to the changing market. We’ve all realised that sometimes the traditional business models of the past are not the ones that we will see moving forwards.

At Duravit, our confidence is high, our business continued during 2020 it is robust and has adapted to the challenges of this year extremely well. In 2021, Duravit plans to launch new products and these will provide our retailers with all the tools they need to continue selling our brand in the marketplace, whatever shape is takes.

As you might expect, products that are linked to hygiene and creating a tranquil space for your bathroom are key for 2021. This includes products such as shower toilets (Starck f) that can be controlled remotely with an app or through sensory touch, our bacteria-eliminating HygieneGlaze, and other products that can be operated without using your hands, such as Duravit’s touchless or sensor operated mirrors/cabinets.

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