Championing KBB Retail

Virtual Worlds services and product developments have always been built around the success of our customers. During uncertain times, we like to think our actions speak louder than words.

Let’s be honest, it has been a tough time of late. The global pandemic has left no part of our industry unaffected, and it has never been more important for us to all pull together. Virtual Worlds has always been committed to championing KBB retail, which is why we are the only KBB software provider to offer a 100% money-back guarantee, and why we set up our COVID-19 care programme to support retailers during lockdown.

COVID-19 care programme

We have considered some of the specific benefits of our products and the way in which they can help our customers, especially when so many of us are working from home. So during lockdown we issued 86 of our Design Cloud licences, free of charge, to allow for remote sales presentations of 3D interactive designs. We also issued a further 78 Pro Suite licences to make things easier for designers who were working remotely.

There was no point in opening our products up to retailers unless we could also offer technical support. Our team of product trainers and IT professionals were available throughout the whole of lockdown for any remote one-to-one training sessions, or to handle any technical customer queries.

We understand that one of the biggest obstacles for retailers during this crisis is cashflow. By having open and honest dialogue with our customers, we decided that Virtual Worlds must adjust accordingly. At the time of closing the COVID-19 care programme, we had agreed to over £140,000 worth of financial support via payment breaks for our retailers.

4D Theatre money-back guarantee

Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre is our premium package offering a fully immersive virtual reality experience, which allows your customers to walk around inside and interact with their proposed design. Our money- back guarantee is a benefit we have continued to offer during these uncertain times. If retailers do not see a 30% uplift in sales when using 4D Theatre, we will give you your money back.

New initiative

Virtual Worlds believes there is more we can be doing to support the KBB retail sector. So, we have teamed up with KBB Leads to create a social media campaign that will deliver consumer leads direct to our retailers this Autumn. Furthermore, if you are already a Virtual Worlds customer and you want to undertake your own campaign with KBB Leads to supplement our activity, we will contribute up to £1,000 towards your campaign costs. This is our commitment to help drive consumers to your showroom.
Virtual Worlds is dedicated to championing the kbb industry and our support is all part of our commitment to help our retailers succeed. Your success is our success.

For more information please e-mail [email protected] or call 01908 663848.

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