VIRTUAL WORLDS takes the lead in supporting retailers

The KBB industry has had to pull together like never before this year, and following on from its Covid-19 care programme, Virtual Worlds has announced more plans to support retailers

It’s encouraging to see lots of new support initiatives between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to help keep KBB businesses afloat in difficult times. This recognition that we all rely on each other; that success can breed further success through mutual understanding, is testament to the resilience of the KBB industry in the UK.

In continuing its own series of successful ‘retailer-supporting’ initiatives, Virtual Worlds is pleased to announce its new lead-generation campaign for retailers.

Driving consumers to showrooms

There has been a reported increase in the number of homeowners looking to improve their kitchen or bathroom, thanks to the extended time spent at home during lockdown. In order to capitalise on this increased interest, Virtual Worlds will be running a nationwide social media campaign to drive leads directly to retailer showrooms. The virtual reality software company has teamed up with the KBB Leads marketing agency and has begun an autumn paid social media campaign to introduce consumer leads to retailers who currently use Virtual Worlds 4D or 4D Theatre.

The initiative sees Virtual Worlds expand on its £100k ‘Making your home perfect’ consumer marketing campaign with the addition of paid Facebook advertising. This activity will greatly assist the network of Virtual Worlds 4D retailers, who enjoy a conversion rate of more than 90%, as it will offer a greater level of footfall.

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Virtual Worlds makes this investment knowing that its own success is dependent on the success of KBB retailers.

The customer experience

When the customer sees a Facebook advert, they will be directed to register. This then prompts a consultation call with a design coordinator from Virtual Worlds, who will discuss the customer’s requirements, the 4D product that is available to them, and book an appointment with three local showrooms.

Follow-up campaign

As an added perk, if you, as a participating 4D retailer, then want to undertake your own campaign with KBB Leads to supplement the supportive lead- generation activity, Virtual Worlds will contribute up to £1,000 towards those campaign costs, too.

Virtual Worlds has been considering other ways in which to help retailers. In addition to the lead- generation campaign, the company will soon be announcing ambitious plans to support retailers with consumer finance.

This substantial investment is all part of Virtual Worlds’ commitment to help KBB retailers succeed.

For more information please e-mail [email protected] or call 01908 663848.

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