How to customise objects in your Virtual Worlds design

Virtual Worlds training manager, Daniel Kirkbright, leads us through one of the simple but lesser-known features of the virtual reality software.

Let me talk to you about dynamic actions. At Virtual Worlds we’re all about showing how things work, not just what they look like.

Our software allows users to really immerse themselves in any room design, their own room design. One feature that aids this immersive experience is having the ability to open and close the doors or drawers of furniture units.

You can also detach, remove, add, resize, move, and rotate all parts of these objects. Being able to show alternative options by customising and controlling each piece of a unit’s internal shelving or features, offers a bespoke creation for your customer. And actions such as opening unit doors are automatically updated to reflect any changes a designer has made to an object in real time.

Using the ‘Parts’ feature

For current users of the Virtual Worlds software, a simple right click and navigation to the ‘Parts’ menu will allow full customisation of an object – it’s that easy! For example, here we can demonstrate how a designer can resize and reshape units to fit a specific purpose.

To see a demonstration on how to use the ‘Parts’ feature in Virtual Worlds, view our short Design Hacks video below.

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