Sustainability top tips for independent KBB retailers

Here are four top tips from Richard Hagan, MD of Crystal Doors to get you on the road to net zero, many more of which I will be sharing over the coming months.

1 – Set a target

Independent retailers are generally much more eco-friendly for consumers, so be bold. Set a 2030 carbon-neutral target and shout about your commitment to all your stakeholders. 

2 – Measure

Measure and  record your emissions in an annual car—bon footprint report so you can track your progress and demonstrate it to others. Start simple – transport, heating, lighting and energy are likely to be your biggest offenders, so focus on them. 

You can use free online carbon footprint calculators to help you, like the Carbon Trust’s calculator for SMEs.

3 – Reduce 

Identify quick-win measures to reduce your emissions, such as LED lighting or insulation, and build up from there by reinvesting your savings one project at a time.

4 – Share 

Celebrate each and every action you take to become more environmentally aware and share it with your employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Encourage others to join you on your journey and over time you will create a tribe of supporters who will help you and cheer you on.

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