Used Kitchen Company launches two green awareness events

The Used Kitchen Company (TUKC) is pushing the recycling message with two new green awareness events – No Skip Sunday on March 28 and Kitchen Passport Week, which kicks off on May 17.

These initiatives will be publicised through TUKC’s website, social media channels and through retailers.

The inaugural No Skip Sunday takes place on the Sunday when the clocks skip forward (March 28), and is intended to raise awareness about recycling old kitchens to ensure they do not end up in a skip and then go to landfill. This day is also six days after Earth Day and is said to be mark the start of DIY season as spring starts.

Kitchen Passport Week will aim to encourage kitchen retailers and customers to create a TUKC Kitchen Passport. The ‘passport’ is similar to a car’s logbook with details about when the kitchen’s materials and components were made and how these parts can be recycled.

The weeklong event will run from May 17 each year, as this is the Saints Day of San Pasqual, the patron saint of kitchens. 

TUKC chief executive Looeeze Grossman said: “We wish to continue to set the agenda in our used kitchen sector and get everyone talking about the conscientious thing to do when it comes to buying or selling a kitchen.

“We want to get to the stage where everyone thinks twice before just replacing a kitchen without recycling the one they already have. These awareness days will help us to drive the conversation and achieve this goal.”

Retailers can get involved with the events by either encouraging their customers to use the TUKC services of the kitchen reselling website and get a kitchen passport for their kitchen, or to use the service themselves when updating their showroom.

Grossman believes that lockdown is an opportunity to change displays or become passport partners. She said: “Now is the ideal time for showrooms to proceed with any changes of displays they may be planning in 2021. Lockdown also presents them with the opportunity to work with Kitchen Passport and create passports for all the kitchens they have sold and are selling.

“When they become Kitchen Passport partners, they can use the initiative’s green logos and stickers for promotional purposes. Consumer research tells us that eco principles are vital for the future success of businesses. Kitchen Passport is a very easy route to take, if you wish to boost your green credentials and add some future-proofing to your business by doing so.”

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