Siematic invests millions in Löhne factory and announces ‘digital transformation’

Siematic is investing tens of millions of euros in its Löhne factory and has announced a major focus on a brand modernisation following a year of “substantial growth” in its key markets.

Siematic said that, despite Covid, it had seen its turnover in China nearly triple and sales in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands increase significantly.

Against this backdrop, Siematic is investing tens of millions of euros in its factory with a fully integrated ‘batch size 1’ production line at its site in Löhne, Germany, in a bid to ensure further growth.

The first new machines from manufacture Homag will be commissioned by the end of this summer and are expected to be fully installed by the end of 2022. 

Said Siematic chief executive Hanjo Runde (pictured): “We are really looking forward to 2021. Siematic is investing tens of millions in new production facilities at the German Löhne site. This will significantly increase our competitiveness. In addition to this, this year will see the next steps in the transformation of a globally sought-after product brand into an outstanding lifestyle brand. Furthermore, we are investing in the digitalisation of our business model which will allow us to increase the visitor frequency in our sales partners’ studios.”

Siematic CEO Hanjo Runde

He added: “Bearing in mind the challenges from last year, I am eternally thankful to the Siematic team for how we have overcome the crisis to date and I am proud of the growth we have achieved together with our sales partners. We will do all we can to ensure our success continues in 2021: the future is looking good!”

The company is also focusing on strengthening its brand and transforming it from ‘a sought-after brand’ to an ‘outstanding lifestyle brand’.

It plans to do this by digitising its own business and making greater use of digital marketing. It will also install a Digital Lead Programme’ to drive more traffic into its studio partners.

Siematic expects to follow up its January marketing campaign with an international brand relaunch in Q2.

Said Runde: “We are obviously particularly pleased with the success of the new SLX. Not only has it convinced four eminent design award juries, it has also delighted partners and customers across the globe. Our innovative handle-free kitchen concept already accounts for over 20% of our turnover and will be a source of great pleasure to both us and our customers.”

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