Samsung supports kitchen retailers with online webinars

Samsung has introduced a programme of online webinars to help support its kitchen retailers while their doors are closed during the current lockdown restrictions.

The new online engagement programme consists of a series of independent webinars that showcase Samsung’s latest products.

Samsung has been working closely with kitchen retailers in the UK to help them during the period they are closed and the new webinars allow them to explore the latest ranges of kitchen appliances and receive expert advice on their own computers. These are scheduled to continue over the coming months.

This, the company said, helps to provide retailers with the tools they need to drive online engagement and boost sales.

Samsung is using the new programme of webinars to showcase its premium, built-in Infinite Line products. Presenters provide a full run-down of all products features with a series of practical demonstrations, backed up with videos showcasing certain important features and also providing cookery demonstrations to showcase new technology, such as the steam capabilities of its Infinite Line Oven, or to bring to life the features of its Combi Hob.

The company is also providing a Digital Asset Pack for the Infinite Line that retailers can upload to their websites.

Said Jonathan Hartley, channel manager for kitchen retail and B2B at Samsung UK: “We know that the demand for digital engagement has never been greater and we want to help retailers provide the best experience possible to customers. Digital experiences will continue to be a critical element of the consumer purchasing journey, so we believe that our online engagement programme helps to equip businesses with essential skills and tools to help them navigate through closed showrooms, but also support their operations in the future.”

Retailers can access additional sales training, assets and product information through dedicated portals, including the Samsung Academy, Samsung Marketing Suit and Samsung Rewards.

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