How to automate wall mouldings in your Virtual Worlds design

Daniel Kirkbright, training manager at Virtual Worlds, explains how to make architectural changes in your design, using automated functions.

At Virtual Worlds, we think the details matter and we do this, so you don’t have to. Our design software has a system in place for architectural features, which allows you to automatically apply wall mouldings to your entire design dynamically. This system updates itself if you make architectural changes, which saves you so much time when compared with other CAD software.

Furthermore, the system is smart, in that it will mitre the corners of wall mouldings automatically, keeping the design looking professional without you constantly having to make these changes manually.

Using the ‘Architectural Elements’ feature

You might not always include features such as coving, plinth blocks, dado rails, and skirting boards in your product range. Perhaps this comes from your installer, meaning there’s no profit to be made by adding them into your designs – it’s purely for the benefit of your customer.

So, why waste time correcting these features? The Virtual Worlds automated system will take care of this for you.

It couldn’t be simpler. You can select the ‘Architectural Elements’ catalogue found in the ‘Generic’ section of Virtual Worlds catalogues to apply and use these features.

To see a demonstration on how to use Architectural Elements in Virtual Worlds, view our short Design Hacks video below.

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