‘People are our most important resource,’ says Scavolini CEO

Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini, talks about her experience being a woman within the KBB industry and what unique qualities she brings to the table.

Q:As a family business, were you destined to take a role at Scavolini or was it a personal choice? 

A: Scavolini was perhaps always destined to be a business that involves the whole family, as it was founded in 1961 by two brothers – Valter, my father, and Elvino Scavolini. It was inevitable, therefore, that it formed a big part of my life from a young age. Even before I took an active role, I was aware of the changes and developments of the company and it always seemed a natural progression that I would join the family firm. After graduating in economics in 1995, I began working in the marketing department. And this journey is true for many members of my family – I’m happy to say that the third generation is now joining us. 

Q: Even though you are a family member, was it still a challenge to get to the position of CEO? 

A: My path to CEO has been driven by learning everything there is to know about the company. Firstly from my father Valter Scavolini, but also from all members of the family working in the company. I started out in the sales and marketing department and gradually worked my way up, taking on more responsibility as my knowledge of the business grew. I became director of sales and marketing in 2000, and was appointed CEO in 2012. It has felt like a linear route through the company – but one where I am always learning and growing.

Q: Where does Scavolini stand on gender equality?

A: At Scavolini, it’s no exaggeration to say that our people are our most important resource. If it wasn’t for the individual personalities of the men and women who work together in all areas of the company, we wouldn’t have the business that exists today. As such, we have always believed in gender equality and this is backed up with a range of programmes that ensure we have an inclusive workplace for all our employees. Woven into our culture is a commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion so that everyone at Scavolini can feel respected, valued and able to give their best. 

Q: Why do you think there are so few women in senior roles across the KBB industry? 

A: I think this comes down to historical bias in the kitchen and bathroom sector. There used to be a widely held perception that there were technical jobs in our industry that only men could do. Women all over the industry have shown that this categorically isn’t true. I think as the KBB sector continues to evolve in the future, there will be more space for female leadership as well.

Q: As a woman, what do you believe you bring to a kitchen and bathroom brand like Scavolini?

A: Firstly, a good sense of teamwork. I believe we are all more motivated and effective when we operate a team. That’s how I see Scavolini – a team of people working to a shared goal. Next, I bring an ability to mediate. There is always a way to find our way through any adversity and the quieter approach is often the right one. A good CEO must be able to appreciate the feelings and opinions of others. Finally, I bring a clarity of vision for the business coupled with an ability to multitask. This is an advantage in a job where no two days are the same.

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