Franke discusses the benefits of touch-free kitchen taps as it launches its Atlas Neo Sensor

As Franke prepares to roll out its Atlas Neo Sensor touch-free tap in the UK, sales and marketing director, Jo Rawstron, considers the many benefits that motion-sensor taps offer in today’s home environment.

Jo Rawstron, sales and marketing director at Franke UK

Over the past 12 months there’s been an increasing focus on home-centred living and a greater desire for products that support good hygiene, sustainability and offer convenience.

Touch-free sensor taps are becoming a popular choice in the kitchen where we’re all spending the majority of our time preparing, cooking and eating food, working and relaxing, as they tick all of these boxes.

Enhanced hand hygiene

In everyday life, handwashing and hygiene has always been a priority, but it’s never been higher in our minds than now.

Franke’s Atlas Neo Sensor Pull-Out Nozzle tap

While the bathroom might seem like a germ hotspot, the kitchen is where they have more of an opportunity to gather. An average family of four switches on their kitchen tap more than 100 times a day with all of the extra hand washing, cooking, cleaning and cups of tea that have been on the go recently.

Infrared touch-free taps not only make it really easy to wash our hands, they also help minimise contact with the tap, so can help to reduce the spread of bacteria and other nasties in your kitchen.

Franke Atlas Neo Soap Dispenser

A surface mounted soap dispenser is an ideal partner for a touch-free tap as it supports good hand hygiene, while replacing plastic bottles to create a neat and streamlined sink space.

Easy to operate

Touch-free taps are safe and easy to use for everyone in a household, including children. The Atlas Neo Sensor’s water flow is activated by a simple wave of the hand within 5-10cm of the infra-red motion sensor for 30 seconds at your pre-set, child-friendly temperature. The hybrid design means consumers have the choice of using it touch-free or manually with the single lever.

Stylish, practical, and easy to install

Franke’s new Atlas Neo Sensor swivel spout tap

The Atlas Neo Sensor tap comes in a stylish and timeless design in premium stainless steel, so will suit all kitchen styles. The range offers a choice of two models – a 180° swivel spout and a Pull-Out Nozzle option to meet every need in the kitchen.

The tap is suitable for high pressure systems and fits a standard sized tap hole. Along with the control box and battery case it is quick and easy to install alongside a new or existing sink within the cabinetry.

A sustainable solution

Franke’s Atlas Neo Sensor Pull-Out Nozzle tap

Many people want to make their kitchens more eco-friendly, efficient and cost effective to run, especially since becoming more aware of usage and running costs while being at home.

Touch-free taps like the Atlas Neo Sensor can cut water wastage by up to 50% as they have an automatic 30 second dispense function to give you 2.5 litres of water, which is ideal for a handwash or filling a pan. You can also pre-set the water temperature on the touch free activation to cut down on utility costs.

Stainless steel is a sustainable material choice, being long-lasting and endlessly recyclable.

The Atlas Neo Sensor tap range will be available in the UK from the end of March. Further information is available from Franke: 0161 436 6280 or

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