MHK Kitchen Experts website will help consumers find retailers

Buying group MHK is launching the Kitchens Experts website to help consumers research kitchens and find their nearest MHK-member retailer.

The website aims to give consumers information about brands and their nearest retailers all in one place. The website will officially launch soon.

Retailers and manufacturers featured on the site will contribute to a marketing fund that will be used to promote the retailers and the website. The suppliers will also pay an additional level of bonus to Kitchen Experts retailers. This, said MHK, will reimburse the retailer’s marketing spend and reward them when they sell products from that supplier.

Paul Wheeler, sales director for MHK UK, said: “We see this as a great opportunity for kitchen specialists who are considering joining MHK, new start-up businesses, or existing members wishing to use this sales concept in their showrooms.”

David Morris, sales manager for MHK UK, added: “There are many talented designers and managers within the kitchen business who have sadly lost their jobs through the pandemic. Kitchen Experts brings an opportunity for those people to start a business and immediately benefit from the financial and marketing strength of MHK and the Kitchen Experts brand, which is already proven across Europe.”

MHK has already signed up AEG, Fisher and Paykel, Maurice Lay, Euroline and Manor Interiors for the Kitchen Experts initiative, which will also include MHK’s exclusive Xeno kitchen furniture brand.

MHK retail members who choose to join the Kitchen Experts scheme will benefit from the added marketing and bonuses while maintaining their own brand identity. Those who participate will also benefit from two professionally written articles or blogs on the Kitchen Experts website each month, which will link back to their own website and social media.

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