Sub-Zero & Wolf offers five-year warranties

Sub-Zero & Wolf is now offering five-year parts-and-labour warranties on all of its new indoor products ordered on or after April 1.

The luxury kitchen appliancebrand says that consumers will benefit from the peace of mind the new extended warranty will bring and that retailers will be able to give their clients another reason to choose Sub-Zero & Wolf products for their kitchen projects.

Commenting on the move, director Ricky Davies said: “I am delighted to offer this new five-year warranty which demonstrates Sub-Zero & Wolf’s strong commitment to outstanding quality in terms of performance, longevity and build quality. As a customer-first and customer service-focused business we are proud to stand behind our products and this new warranty extension clearly supports our ethos.”

All Sub-Zero & Wolf products are hand-made and hand-finished in the USA and are said to be designed and tested to last a minimum of 20 years.

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