EverydaySafe™: The game-changing kitchen security solution

The EverydaySafe™ secures valuables and important belongings in a concealed, elegant and simple way.

Global security brand Chubbsafes have utilised their extensive expertise in safe manufacturing to launch an innovative solution for kitchens in the UK and around the world, the EverydaySafe™.

The product is a patented* solution that answers the security concerns of vast numbers of homeowners, providing a secure place for them to store their valuables and belongings in a convenient and accessible environment – the kitchen. With the kitchen being the heart of a home, homeowners are seeking consistently more innovative and efficient ways in which to utilise this space.

The Everydaysafe

The EverydaySafe™ is conveniently accessible yet completely concealed, as neither a handle or the locking system is visible. It can be accessed incredibly quickly and simply, utilising either a hidden biometric scanner or dedicated mobile phone application. Each option offers absolute privacy and security, enabling users to open their safe, extract or deposit their items and close it again, all in only a few seconds.

The EverydaySafe™ is a quality German product designed to provide multi-layered security, not only to protect and ensure against burglary of stored items, such as passports, cash, jewellery and watches, but also to provide an effective solution against data theft from credit cards or car keys thanks to the built-in Faraday cage. The EverydaySafe is built to S1 certifi cation security standard, ensuring a high security protection for contents.

Easy Installation

The EverydaySafe™ is designed to fi t into any standard kitchen drawer, integrated into an internal drawer system, or simply placed behind a cabinet door. The product can be installed by a professional in under 30 minutes and has been designed to be easily retrofitted. Included is an installation guide and video.

Key Features

  • Hidden and concealed, providing maximum protection for your valuables.
  • Built to a certifi ed EN 14450 construction standard (S1), tested and validated.
  • Secured via an electronic high-security locking unit that is certified according to ECB-S class B and VDS class 2.
  • Secure anchorage within a standard cabinet protects against forced removal.
  • Smartphone app and biometric fingerprint reader have been validated via independent penetration tests.
  • The built-in Faraday cage protects against data theft.

As a partner of EverydaySafe™ you will have access to a generous retail support package, including marketing support, product training and substantial display discounts. To find out more information, please contact [email protected] or call 01902 904030.

*patent pending

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