Samsung in carbon offsetting push on washing machines and tumble-dryers

Samsung has committed to offset the lifetime carbon footprint of all its washing machines and tumble-dryers purchased in the UK and Ireland between March 24 and June 1.

Samsung has partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to facilitate the campaign and will take part in several initiatives, including solar energy projects, wind power schemes, forest degradation and deforestation reduction activities, and tree planting.

Rachael Ward, marketing and product director, Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics UK, said: “At Samsung, we are committed to building a better, more sustainable future. From developing technologies that address our customer challenges, to making Samsung products as eco-friendly as possible, we are prioritising the planet, people and society by creating solutions that benefit us all.”

Sustainability has been a focus for Samsung and this new project just adds to its growing list of sustainable plans from improving the energy efficiency of its appliances and making sure new products are easy to recycle at end-of-life.

Samsung’s carbon offsetting initiative has been verified by Verra Verified Carbon Standard, which is an internationally recognised standard that measures carbon savings and reductions.

The schemes that Samsung will be involved include a solar energy project in Andhra Pradesh, India, to help that area de-carbonise its electricity grid with some renewable energy. It will also support a green energy project in Tamilnadu, India, which plans to build 396 wind turbines that will give saving of approximately 417,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Tree-planting projects are another area that Samsung will be involved in, including planting native broad leaf trees in schools, parks and other biodiversity sites in the UK and Ireland.

Samsung will also make donations to local forest communities in the Portel Pará region of Brazil, to help stop tackle the problem of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

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