Dulux apologises after tweets about Tottenham Hotspur

Paint company Dulux has apologised for posting a number of demeaning tweets about Tottenham Hotspur after it was announced as the football club’s official paint supplier.

The Dulux UK twitter account sent a number of replies to Tottenham Hotspur official announcement making attempts at jokey comments about the team’s current standing and its players.

The Tweets by Dulux have now been deleted, but it included making remarks about Tottenham Hotspur’s empty trophy cabinet and implying that the Dulux dog would be a better player than the current team.

After one Twitter user said that it was time to paint the Spur’s trophy cabinet, Dulux replied with a photo saying “For sale. Unused Trophy Cabinet.” Another user asked if the dog can play centre back, to which Dulux replied, “He might do a better job”.

In its apology tweet, Dulux said: “We’re deeply sorry for the posts from Dulux this morning in response to the announcement of our relationship with @SpursOfficial. These do not reflect how proud we are to be the Official Paint Supplier of the Club. We’re investigating what happened and apologise to all Spurs fans.”

The team’s only comments were via Twitter as a quote tweet of the apology saying, “We’ll gloss over it this time…” and a humorous meme image. Dulux is still listed on the official list of sponsors.

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