ProBuild360 celebrates 10 years in business

Family-run ProBuild360 is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a new consumer-facing area on its website and a rebranding to help highlight the services it offers.

ProBuild360 has also been shortlisted for three kbbreview Retail & Design Awards this year: Installation Company of the Year – sponsored by BiKBBI, Bathroom Retailer of the Year – sponsored by Roca, and Kitchen Retailer of the Year – sponsored by Neff.

ProBuild360 is an independent design, management and building company that can handle any part of a project from planning to construction and installation. The company has various arms, including building services, extensions and conservatories, kitchen and bathroom design and installation, plumbing, heating and electrical.

Michael Parinchy, project manager at ProBuild360, explained the philosophy of the company on The kbbreview Podcast: “We design it, we build it, we supply it, we fit it, we wire it up. And we guarantee that if there’s anything wrong, you’ve got a one-stop shop for the responsibility. And that’s what people seem to respond to.”

The new launch divides the company’s activities into five categories. ProBuild360 focuses on high-end, complex, bespoke projects. ProDevelopment360 looks after multi-plot developments. MazonInteriors360 encompasses kitchen and bathroom design, supply and installations, and then there is HomeExtensions360 and GardenSpace360. Each category will have its own more specialised management.

Parinchy said: “It’s going to concentrate the activities of the various arms of the company into very tightly managed activities, and it’s going to be efficient and well run with great service.”

The change within the company is hoped to give it a whole new lease of life and to make things run in a more systematic way. Even the costing of products and management of budgets will have an overhaul.

Another new launch for the company will be an online portal and thought-leadership project. It will be an information portal for homeowners, consumers and small developers to directly talk to professionals about their projects.

Parinchy believes that there is a stigma around building work being very stressful and he created this portal to break down the barriers and get people to open up and talk more freely about their projects.

Over the past year, like many other retailers, ProBuild360 has seen an uptick in interest in the home-improvements sector. Parinchy said he sees a lot of people spending more time at home and wanting to make their homes as beautiful, comfortable and functional as possible.

The company has also diversified over the past year to introduce a new arm called GardenSpace360. The new venture is all about building annex buildings in people’s gardens, which could include summerhouses, gyms, yoga studios or businesses like tattoo parlours or art studios. One of the most common extensions is people wanting outdoor dining areas and recreating pubs in their garden.

Listen to the full interview on The kbbreview Podcast:

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