How to save time and money using Virtual Worlds Connection Points

Daniel Kirkbright, training manager at Virtual Worlds, talks us through the game-changing feature that hugely reduces product returns.

A mistake in a design costs money down the line. That’s why Virtual Worlds software has included a handy tool called ‘Connection Points’. This is a dynamic feature that allows you to automatically reposition the models that you build within your design – ensuring a designer makes fewer mistakes when products span across multiple suppliers and industries.

For example, Connection Points can allow bathroom taps to snap to basins, screens to baths, or even different items of furniture. The same goes for a kitchen design where appliances will snap dynamically into oven units, worktops and plinths on to furniture runs, or decorations into features of architecture.

In addition, you can use the feature to resize and change parts of objects. When resizing a window with bars inserted through Connection Points, it will also resize the snapped bars. So, your models stay realistic even when you make these kind of size or positional changes.

Low effort, high reward

When designing a bathroom, a tap suited for a basin that has three tap holes will not snap to a basin that only has two tap holes. This means it’s impossible for you to incorrectly position that tap and order an incompatible product accidentally.

Connection Points not only saves time, but it also prevents serious design mistakes and reduces product returns that delay installations, upset installers and customers, and ultimately cost you money.

To see a demonstration on how to effectively utilise Connection Points in Virtual Worlds, view our short Design Hacks video below.

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