Where is the most social media-worthy part of the home?

A recent study of more than 500 Instagram hashtags found that interior design has over 212 million photos and is more popular than chocolate (97m) or animals (82m).

The report, commissioned by Express Doors Direct, set out to find which part of the house was the most posted on Instagram. The garden was number one with over 90.5m hashtags.

In second place was the kitchen, with 39m. The living room was third with 24.8m and then, close fourth and fifth was the bedroom with 19.9m and the bathroom 16mn hashtags.

When posting photos on Instagram, users can use hashtags to categorise their photos as a way to make each image searchable and appear to more people. Users can follow hashtags as well if they are interested in a specific subject.

Retailers and businesses can also use these hashtags to find new customers by posting photos of recent projects with commonly used hashtags.

Express Doors Direct found that popular kitchen-related hashtags include #kitchendesign, #kitchendecor and #kitchenremodel. With home offices on the rise, there is also a growing trend for people to share their home office set-up. #Homeoffice has 7.3m posts on Instagram.

Individual trends can also be searched for with a hashtag, such as posts for people looking for Scandinavian interior design, where #scandinavianhome is the most popular decor style with over 1.9m Instagram posts.

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