How to maintain proportions when resizing 3D objects

Daniel Kirkbright, training manager at Virtual Worlds, tells us about ‘parametric modelling’ and how this handy feature makes resizing 3D objects simple.

Parametric modelling is the concept of allowing an object within a 3D design to be resized, while certain parts of that object maintain realistic proportions. We achieve this by defining ‘stretch zones’ when building our models, meaning every single unit is built to know which parts should scale in dimensions, and which should remain fixed.

Let’s take a kitchen unit as an example. A unit carcass with 500mm width and 22mm thick boards can be resized to either 200mm or 1,000mm and still have the 22mm thickness. The parametric logic applies only to resize the appropriate parts of the carcass.

Additional benefits

Parametric modelling allows specific areas of an object to be resized with both minimum and maximum limits. So, adjusting the height of a hood extractor will only resize the duct, not the whole object.

When used in conjunction with the Virtual Worlds software feature, Connection Points, objects automatically resize on connection, becoming parametrically sized to suit the dimensions of the product they are connecting to. For example, a sill added to a window will resize and scale with the window it is snapped to.

With parametric modelling, you’ll always be able to maintain desired product proportions in your design, as opposed to the whole model being scaled out of proportion.

To see a demonstration on how to parametric modelling is used in Virtual Worlds, please view our short Design Hacks video below.

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