Clean up with Neolith

Neolith’s surfaces helps keep your customer’s homes hygienic and free from viruses and bacteria thanks to the unique make-up of their composition. We find out more about this special product feature…

Neolith®, the global Sintered Stone brand, stands out because its surfaces are the safest kitchen worktop option in terms of hygiene.

Cleaning surfaces with household cleaning products helps to inactivate or eliminate viruses and other harmful microorganisms effectively and quickly. However, many cleaning products can be harmful to traditional stone surfaces, compromising their finish and integrity. While the special composition of Neolith® makes it impervious to most chemicals marketed for surface hygiene.

In addition, Neolith® surfaces are low maintenance as they are wearing and stain resistant, thanks to their mineral composition and special manufacturing process, so they do not require special maintenance as they are not subject to temporary treatments that need to be reapplied on a regular basis.

In order to minimise any health risks, the superior technical properties of Neolith® surfaces are now complemented by NeolEAT Technology.

A new technology incorporated into the ESSENTIALS series models, which helps to promote food and household hygiene by significantly inhibiting the growth and proliferation of harmful bacteria that can be detrimental to health.

These high-performance qualities are coupled with high-definition decoration, offering the triple guarantee of maximum performance, unrivalled beauty and long-term value.

Since its beginnings, Neolith® has championed sustainable design, increasing its investment in innovation year after year, in order to overcome the limits of ecological manufacturing. As a result, the leading brand in Sintered Stone is today one of the most environmentally friendly architectural cladding materials.

Neolith® also maintains its ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life and protecting the natural world. In the ESSENTIALS series, it does so by including up to 90% recycled material in the composition of the Metropolitan and Sofia Cuprum 2021 models, in addition to its carbon neutral manufacturing process.

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